Risk Intelligence for Autonomous Vehicle Deployments

The SIMULYTIC platform uses massive simulation
and intelligent analytics to quantify the impact of
Autonomous Vehicle (AV) deployments.

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At SIMULYTIC, we are striving to make autonomous mobility a reality.
In everything we do, we focus on accelerating the introduction of lifesaving AV Level 4/5 technology.

We help those who reshape the mobility landscape - AV operators, innovative (re-)insurers, city governments, regulators - with insight in what autonomous vehicles mean for their domain.

With our competence in turning simulated data into industry-relevant information, the enablers of the future mobility have access to the data-driven, neutral insights into AV impact on risk, safety and congestion tailored to the location and AV operation.

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Synthetically generating all relevant scenarios


The SIMULYTIC platform is designed for assessing vehicle-led driving environments. We simulate how AVs operate in specific local conditions and model their interactions with the other traffic actors and road infrastructure.

Our approach does not require historical data, poses no risk to human lives and is available today. The simulations include all kinds of vehicles as well as vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists, both under normal conditions and when engaging in non-compliant or unsafe actions.

Frequently updated insights support AV deployments throughout their operational lifetime: from launch and subsequently with every software update.

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