Siemens presented SIMULYTIC, a newly founded Siemens AG venture, at the IAA Mobility 2021.

The in-house startup, headed by Andrea Kollmorgen, is focused on accelerating autonomous mobility deployment at scale. SIMULYTIC aims to use simulation to create insight into the impact and safety of autonomous driving. Specifically, the goal is to ensure that transparency is a permanent part of the risk profiles of self-driving vehicles everywhere.

SIMULYTIC is already applying Siemens’ expertise in the simulation of complex, automated systems and in the use of artificial intelligence in safety-critical applications. Its command of the technologies used in autonomous vehicles enables the venture to make competitive, comprehensive and independent assessments of incident probabilities, changing traffic flows and congestion patterns, the effects of weather and road conditions, and many other localized factors. Drawing on this expertise, SIMULYTIC creates added value for customers, such as insurance companies, by helping them understand the risk potentials from increasingly automated road traffic and thus develop the right products, determine fair prices and create effective business strategies for a future with autonomous vehicles.